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Hey guys, get a grip. . .

The "law" obviously says that the lines are going to have to supply certain data to the government in advance of sailing. That's clear from the Celebrity newsletter.

Nobody in this string, including me, has said or implied that the information must be supplied by the customer in electronic form. My original post reads as follows:

"Now that we're "by law" being asked to fill out our pre-cruise data sheets before arriving at the pier--and preferably online. . ." That's an accurate representation of the situation.

The lines would PREFER us to do it online, but they're going to have to take it however they can get it. What does seem clear is that it's going to have to come in advance, by whatever means.

In that original post I simply wondered whether any of the lines have been clever enough to feed you your previous data set for amendment and resubmission once you book a new cruise. It was a fairly simple question, to which nobody but Kuki has even alluded. Instead, it once again got diverted into this civil rights stuff, which has nothing to do with what I asked.

As an aside, it seems to me that agents will be doing a lot of electronic data filing on behalf of clients who can't or won't. I suspect that the lines have figured out basically that:

1. Anybody who books directly via the internet can also file their forms online.
2. Those who book through retail agents can have the agents do likewise on their behalf.
3. Groups 1 and 2 above cover most of the waterfront these days, and they'll have to pick up the rest as best they can (mail, fax, etc.).

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