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Default Re: Friday the 13th.......

Happy Friday 13th to all! And beware the Ides of June. (That's right--in June it's the 13th) Though I'm not really superstitious, I do have certain inexplicable squeamishness about some things.

Several years ago, "Flying" magazine published a short article describing that in 63% of air crashes, the cockpit voice recorder indicated someone aboard the aircraft whistling in the moments leading up to the crash. I really took that to heart during my last commercial flight, a passenger continually whistled to entertain his child. Every time he whistled I kept remembering that article. I said nothing to him, but I certainly ordered a lot of drinks. By the way, the plane made it home without incident.

My only other superstion I can think of at the moment, is red haired women--a bias of experience. Before my marriage, my social interactions with them amost invariably brought misfortune. And...I just couldn't stay away from them. Oh well.

BTW, Orchid, the new shoes on the table was a key plot point in the musical "Blood Brothers." "Wellllll...the devil always gets his due."

Happy Berthday and Buen viaje to all who sail this weekend! Wish I was going.


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