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Carole I am so very happy for you,enjoy and treasure every moment you have with them as I know you will.
I was left by my Mother at 2 weeks of age to be brought up with my Grandparents aged 60 and 58,they had already brought up their own 6 children but they never once made me feel unwanted-my Mother on the other hand forgot I existed,she went on to have 2 more kids(boys-each with different fathers).
She has told numerous untruths about my parentage-I went to trace my Polish Father to find he had died 2 years previous,but she continues to tell my half brothers that my father is Canadian.
Now history is repeating itself with my own daughter-3 children all boys 14.12.&7.The 7 year old is with his father who has been to court to get Parental Rights,the 12 year lives with his father(ex-husband)and now she has re-married again and does not want the eldest boy and has signed him into the care of the local authority,my heartbreaks to see him-he knows he has always been the blacksheep as far has his mother is concerned,last evening he visited after school and said he wished he could just go once on a family holiday,what do you say to a boy nearly 15 who is crying for the family he will never be part of,Some people really do not deserve to be blessed with children.
Carole ,I hope you have lots off happy times together making memories.
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