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1983...Daytona Beach..Maverick Hotel. Timeshare exchange. Right on the beach, beautiful views. While we were going to our room, a souvenir bottle of peach wine I bought in Ga. fell out of the carry on and broke in the elevator. Man, that stuff was anything but "Peachy ". Really bad!! I held the door on our floor and tried to wipe the majority up, but I figured it would evaporate soon and let the car go. We smelled it for the whole week. Glad I was not going to drink it! The room had a murphy bed,(broken) changed rooms, refrigerator the size of a bread box, and the cook top stove didn' t work. After a few more little glitches we got a satisfactory room. We were already on the hook for the week so we made the best of it. We think about it every once in a while and laugh about it now. Wasn't so funny then, of course. I guess on hindsight, everything was pretty petty but at the time it seemed a big deal..;-)
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