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Thanks everyone! Annie - My heart breaks to hear your story. Having your mother go off and leave you must be incredibly difficult to understand and live with. The grass may be greener on the other side, but it still has to be mowed.

As far as my kids, their father has always been an incredibly good father. Then he married this woman and she is very controlling. He is an easy pushover, therefor, she controls him too. He doesn't defend the kids or stick up for them, so they don't feel protected by him anymore. It's a shame too because that was his best feature - being a devoted and wonderful father.

As for the "stepmother, she is jeckle and hyde. Her daycare kids are treated very well, and she is very tolerant of all them. She also treats her own boys with tenderness and love, but put her around my kids, and it's the cinderella story. Very sad.

The kids went through a difficult decision making process and this is what they decided they needed to do. Although they knew they would have to hurt their dad to do it, they said they couldn't bear another day in that house. Ashley said she would rather live on the street than to go home.

Anyone who has met my kids, knows they are loving, giving and tender hearted kids. They are not spoiled and disrespectful. I couldn't be prouder to have teenagers thatn act this well. So for them to go to these lengths, really says something. I am proud of them.

This is a great early birthday present for me, as my birthday is tomorrow!

C. & J.
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