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Default Serious question for "chair hogs"

This is a serious post directed at all you "chair hogs" out there. It is not intended to be inciteful, insulting or funny.
We have 23 cruises under our belt and are still trying to understand the mindset of those of you known in cruise lingo as "chair hogs."
You come in two flavors. A very small minority of you set yourselves down in a chaise at 7am and don't appear to move until you leave at 5 - no visits to the dining room or buffet for lunch, no trip to the water fountain for a cold drink, no bathroom breaks. You are just there. Some of you seem not to move a muscle all day for fear you may be aced out of your place.
The vast majority, on the other hand, awake before dawn, run up to the pool deck and throw down an old baseball cap and empty bottle of suntan lotion (torn tee shirt, old sneakers, empty shopping bag and/or various other personal possessions of no value) in order to stake out your claim for the day on your chaise of choice. You may or may not show up to actually occupy the seat any time during the day. If you do show up, it's usually later in the afternoon.
We have been on 50,000 ton ships, 140,000 ton ships and ships of every size in between. We've never been on a ship that didn't have a sufficient number of deck chairs to accommodate all passengers on board, and then some. Granted, not every chaise is dead center, poolside. But there are deck chairs on the pool deck, on the deck above, fore, aft, on the promenade deck and in various other places around the ship. Why the need to be so. . .territorial?
Are you the same folks who get to the theater 30 minutes before showtime in order to save 11 seats in the third row for yourself and the three people you're traveling with?
Is it that you've paid your money and want to get every penny's worth out of your cruise?
Is it an "entitlement" issue?
I ask these questions in all seriousness. I'm hoping the anonimity of this cruise board will result in some honest answers from real "chair hogs."
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