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Default Re: Re: Serious question for "chair hogs"

Thanks for your reply. The intent of my post is not to find out how to solve the problem created by chair hogs. We could discuss that issue ad infinitum - there are countless tactful ways in which the cruiselines could handle this issue.
What I am really interested in understanding is exactly what goes on in the mind of someone who finds the need to "reserve" his/her place around the pool, in perpetuity. There has to be a common denominator, since these people are on every cruiseship - no matter the line, no matter the ship, no matter the itinerary or their choice of accommodation, rich/poor, fat/thin, good looking/ugly!
I'm hoping that some folks who engage in "chair-hogging" will come forward and give some honest answers as to why they do what they do. No judgment made.
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