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Default Re: Serious question for "chair hogs"

In our family we have an expression for certain people. We call them "moneysworth people". Long story not to be repeated here.
Poolside chair savers will be the same folks who save theatre seats, up front tables in the lounge and special slot machines in the casino. They will be the folks who ask for the free room upgrade at the pier, again at the pursers desk. They will be the same people who deduct most if not all of their auto tip from their account. They will be the same people who must have both the filet mignon and the lobster tail . The same people who carry on wine and liquor and the same people who buy one soda card and use it for the whole family. They will show up at the art auction simply for the champagne and free print with no intention of ever spending a nickel. You can be sure that they hit every meal, every show and every buffet. No matter what you did ashore, they did something better and it was cheaper. They will be the first to ask you how much you paid for your cruise as a lead in to tell you about their fabulous deal. The same will go for their airfare , hotel, rental car and parking. No matter what the subject they have an angle on life that is better than yours. They got a better deal on theitr tux than you did. Oh by the way, that's their kid in the hot tub , that's him smoking the big cigar on deck and his other kid just pushed all the buttons on all three elevators.
He will also be bring in the Cuban cigars and has his luggage stuffed with cigarettes and liquor wasy above customs limitations.
.I'm not saying that any or all of the above things are wrong, I make no judgements , just observations , it may be a good way to go through life, just not for me.
Gram and I sit quietly on a side or stern deck , take a dip in the pool when it's hot and go back to our chairs. We pick up our stuff when we head for lunch, there will always be another chair. We gather our friends and enter the theatre together, finding seats as available. Cruising for us is about sun, blue water, a good book, a little pampering,
good food, good service and many new friends.
I'll let Mr. chair saver jump ahead of me to get his moneysworth.
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