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Default Re: Serious question for "chair hogs"

Last cruise I was on, I took a photography class. There were a couple of seats spare but I was told "Our friends are sitting there". OK I moved up the back. The people did arrive about 10 minutes before the class was to end. They promptly pulled out their walkie talkies to loudly announce their location to other "friends" on board.

My husband catches his own bait for fishing. He drags stinky dead fish in string bags over the sand to make the worms pop up. He then buries the fish in the sand with a stick marker ready for the next day. I remember he came home one day looking all dejected because a girl was sunbaking topless on top of his stash and he was too embarassed to ask her to move so he could dig it up.

Sometimes I would love one of those fish bags strategically placed under someone's chair. Dale.
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