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Dean Renner
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Default Re: Re: Re: POLL: When will ships be TOO big?


Hope you didn't feel picked on! Didn't mean to, if I did!

I just happen to have (or be cursed by........! ) a keen interest in maritime matters. I'd be just as happy touring the engine room as sight-seeing in the port!

And as such I'll leave you with a couple of interesting maritime tidbits.

All U.S. Navy warships are built to Panamax standards, meaning that they all will fit through the Panama Canal. Even the great big aircraft carriers, with their enormous flight decks will fit.

As we're discussing these new mega-mega liners, in 1912, the "largest moving object built by the hand of man in all of history", the RMS Titanic, displaced 46,000 tons of water..........

I wonder what J. Bruce Ismay would have thought of the Voyager of the Seas.............?!

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