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Default Re: Serious question for "chair hogs"

Last week on Century, I moved some stuff off two chairs. Found two together and asked a couple sitting next to the chairs if anyone was sitting there. There was a towel on each chair. they told me they had been there for and hour and no one had been in the two chairs, so I put the towels on the deck and sat down. We were there for about two hours when a very irate lady came up and wanted to know what happened to her stuff. I told her the towels were on the deck because no one was sitting there. These two chairs were under the deck above and in the shade. I watched her as she returned to her two chairs in the sun...yes she had staked out two chairs in the sun and two in the shade. That way she could move back and forth. Didn't work though. We all need to move things if the chair hasn't been occupied in over and hour. Usually someone can tell you if the chairs have been empty for an unreasonable time.
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