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Default Re: Long download but worth it

I'm a bit confused... Is this supposed to be a political forum? I thought it was a travel website. Are propoganda links for all points of view allowed here? Are DEMOCRATS not allowed to respond with their thoughts and feelings? That doesn't sound like "AMERICA" to me.

I was offended by the total lack of women represented in this piece. The only women were in rolls showing dependence and weakness and , mourning over their lost man. I was also upset by the fact that very few people of color were presented in heroic roles, yet a huge percentage of the U.S. fighting force is hispanic, black, etc.

Actually I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I consider myself an independent on most issues. I just think this piece is not representative of the real fighting forces in the U.S. and that is wrong.

I also think right-wing politics should be discussed on a different forum. Remember that some cruise mates do not live in the U.S. and they may have very different opinions about this recent war and the U.S. memory of world history.
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