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Default Re: Long down load but worth it

Well put Harry!

This war was based upon lies to the American people from a president who said "I will never lie to you." Go figure!

The fact is there is no coalition of countries fighting this war. There are two countries that are losing soldiers every day. (No others!) The other "coalition" members are a facade, and nothing more. Isn't that a lie in an of itself?

A huge plurality of those dying are black and hispanic and yes women too. They should have been more equally represented on this slide show if it were to have any credibility. If no pictures of women or people of color exist, that speaks volumes about the U.S. media. But that is another story. I'm sure if the people making this slide show wanted to present women and minorities in a favorable light, they could have. The format of this slide show costed a few bucks. Somebody paid for it and it was not done in some garage or the basement of some poor black soldier's family. That is for sure! They could have attained any photos they might have needed.

And yes Harry there is no U.N. concensus on this issue to date. And that was a huge mistake on the part of the Bush administration. Everyone knows that the Iraqi leadership has been questionable, but the U.S. world credibility is suffering because of the lies. The more our world credibility is in question, the more frequently terrorism and violence against our country will occur.

Many people on this forum are world travelers and they and I have seen in person how Americans are thought of in many parts of the world today.. Our country is losing, not gaining respect worldwide. Isn't it a shame that more and more ports of call are becoming unfriendly to U.S. citizens. Just a few years ago I was able to visit Cartagena by cruise ship and now it is nearly impossible. Why??? Ocho Rios and Montego bay are becoming problematic as well, and there are many others.

Perhaps we have to make some improvements at home before we start telling the rest of world how to live. Perhaps we need to use truth and honesty to build real U.N. sponsored coalitions that will gain world respect for the good deeds well done. I'm a firm believer in the "Sweep Your Own Doorstep" principles. If the U.S. sets a strong example, other nations will follow.

And yes I am a Democrat and a good American. Go figure! (And I'm proud of it!)
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