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Default Re: Long down load but worth it

Yes, I apologize for the Democrat comment. It was my knee-jerk reaction to a hypersensitive and unnecessary criticism of a sincere tribute. And, yes, my reaction was unnecessarily condescending. But to call my reaction offensive, is to commit the same kind of over-reaction that generated my comment. I have as clear a definition of offensive as I have of "to be."

And for your information I used to be a Democrat, so I'm not completely out of right field.
I saw how they work up close and personal. According to them, with my minority status, I'm supposed to show them due deference and gratitude "because I can't accomplish anything for myself." And I would not submit to their rhetoric or group-think. As a result I have lived far better than if I had believed what they wanted me to believe about myself. My skepticism and cynicism about them is based on experience. THEY lay the groundwork of my contempt for them on a party level.

And, no, because I'm conservative and somewhat hawkish when it comes to threats against our country, does not mean that I'm racist, or any other alleged Democratic epithet. Neither am I a Rush Limbot--he is to elephants as Carville is to donkeys. I vote for candidates not for parties. And I base my opinions on facts, my distinct political "flaw" according to some of the more powerful Democrats I've known. The fact is, if we were to immediately begin a policy of isolationism...well, we've already run afoul of that portion of George Washington's Admonitions.

I won't launch into a further debate out of respect for the focus and intent of this site and its users, incuding those with whom I disagree. As Michelle pointed out, this is not the venue. So let's all agree that when we cruise, we must all be the best person-to-person diplomats we can be. I apologize for my earlier reaction.


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