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Default Re: Long down load but worth it

Harry, I did not mean to slight you, sir. I reread the thread and, indeed, you did bring up the avoidance of controversy, in this case. I was alluding to Michelle having repeatedly posted her appeal on other threads in the recent past. So of course, let me thank both you and her for attempting to restore peace to the board.

As far as sentences you refered: A back hand slap? No. I happen to be a lover of language and letters. I've studied a number of languages in my 50+ years but I'm most familiar and most sensitive about my native language, English. Offensive is one the most powerful words in our dictionary and I felt its use was a bit hyperbolic. And I dont like powerful words being slapped around where they don't really apply. That happens to deprive them of their real meaning. After too much such use, they become as effective as crying wolf. Too much of that is happening in English, mostly in the name of political causes. And it provokes a visceral reaction in me [Forgive any misspellings here--I'm typing beyond the speed of my ability to key.

As for the other sentence, well, as I read it again, yep--that dart was aimed straight at the icon of the previous administration. Oddly enough, I voted for him in '92. And I feel that he offended the inteligence of his American electorate, through the art of spin--call it semantics if you prefer--throughout his first term. That's why I voted differently in '96. The sentence was in reference to his pretense at believing that "is" had any meaning but its concise definition. He may have learned that trick from Fulbright.

If our court proceedings were conducted in Spanish, there would be a choice of two versions of "to be," one for inherent qualities and one for variable states. But to pretend that he didn't understand...

I'll stop before I start the whole thing again. I probably should have eliminated both sentences. I'll reassert my apologies and I'll confine my visceral output to my notepad in the future. I'm not even sure I should have written this response. In the future I'll confine my visceral reactions to my document file.

Sorry you took offense. I can't be responsible for everybody's perceptions.


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