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Default Re: Long down load but worth it


You do have quite the manner of quieting any disagreement to your posts by offering an "apology," then paragraphs to denigrate those who disagree with you, followed by an almost dare to respond.

In the latest example, you apologize and then throw one more offensive log onto the fire, with your final comment that you "can't be responsible for everybody's perceptions."

Easy way out, huh?

I chose not to respond to your comments regarding the Democrat Party (earlier), and, later the Clinton Administration (later), because, once again, I do not think it is appropriate.

In your second-to-last post, you apologize and then deem anyone who disagreed with you "hypersensitive." This is followed by two paragraphs of damning those who ascribe to a different opinion and ideals.

Your second post further attempts to negate several members' opinion by stating that the word I used "offensive" is an exaggeration with your use of the word "hyperbole." It was not an exaggeration, and I do not appreciate you stating my opinions (and others) are nothing more than to slough off.

(By the way, 41 here, journalism degree, writing awards etc -- so I, too, have an English background (Though Michelle was smart enough to correct my spelling on canonize.) :-)

Speaking of whom, I think you could take a lead from Michelle, who disagreed, but who was most polite without denigrating an other's opinion. She was the epitome of class.

Harry (and I do not require a "Sir" in front of my name -- just a bit of respect for those who may hold opinions that differ from yours)
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