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Default Re: Long down load but worth it

Thanks for the link Y2C. It is very touching, and it makes me proud to be an American.
To those who complained that women, minority were not represented, you miss the point. It is a tribute to those who served, knowling that they face death performing their duty. Some died, some got hurt, some made it out alive - yet all American whether man or woman of any race! This is America; last time I checked things that I say, write, and create does not have to go through a government agency to aprove of its content so that it will be inclusive, fair, etc. The tribute you watched was made by a private company made available for you to enjoy. If the tribute must be approved before you can see it then you already lose the America you enjoy because you lost the freedom of speech.

Aside from politics, the US is still the greatest democracy on Earth. The world wants to come here, but there are those who want us to be like the rest of the world. Crazy! To those, I say, go and experience the world for yourself. See how the other democracies live; see how the governed dwell in socialist paradise. As for me, I take the US any day because I have been there and done that - escaped communism, saw socialist heaven, blessed to be here.

On the point of race, the government should really be color blind. That is it! One race should not have preferential treatment over another. Speaking as an Asian whom has expererienced discrimination from white and black.

US' aid and money have gone to help countless countries whether friends or enemies and even those we defeated. When I travel I have no shame in saying that I am a US Citizen. It is among the very few that you can pull yourself up with your own boot strap relatively free from official intrusion and opression. With dedication, hardwork, and a good education, anyone can make a life for himself and have enough money and time to enjoy CRUISING!
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