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Default Re: spirit Jan 26 price dropping like time square ball


Originally our group had this cruise for considerably less than the sites you've listed were offering it for.
It's just now, 2 weeks before sailing, that I guess Carnival is trying to fill the ship.

When looking for price drops this close to sailing we can't really compare to what other agencies are selling it for, BUT we can compare to how much Carnival itself has dropped the price.

We are working on. Nancy, from her end, working with the group dept at Carnival. And I'm going to follow it up with some of my contacts at Carnival PR dept.

Unfortunately Carnival is not easy to work with in these situations. With RCI and Celeb, even for group bookings, if the price drops they'll honor it until day of sailing. Carnival makes you dance around alot and sometimes comes through and sometimes doesnt unless you happen to find the right person.
We're looking for THAT person now <G>

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