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Default Who Have You Met?

Part of what I love about cruising is meeting people from around the world...Since a child, I have loved geography, love to people watch, and get to know the lay of the land on the islands I have sailed to...So, my question to all Cruisemates is: From what country,was the most interesting person /people, you have met on your cruise...On one cruise we sat at dinner with about 4 Dutch men, who regailed us with lively stories, on another ,we sat with a 3 generation family, Mother, Son and Grandson, and I had the ability to enjoy thier first time sail through 3 different sets of perspective..The Mum also went to Novel Quest with us....She pulled out her choppers for the team without a care, and I gave the teenage boy a big wet one...I'm sure all the tongues in London were wagging when he got home From the airpot to the terminal to the muster onboard, we have such a wonderful opportunity to bond with other travelers from around the globe...Who have you met? Trip/ Monday Chat Host
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