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Default Re: Who Have You Met?

I have met so many interesting people on my cruises!

On my first cruise I met the man who is now my husband. He was my waiter and he is from Costa Rica. I gained a wonderful second family and a beautiful country when I married him.

On our RCI Voyager of the Seas cruise in 2000, we were seated at a table for six with two young couples in their 20's. One couple was on their honeymoon and had never been on a cruise before. They were delightful in their wonder, innocence and strong religious faith. Young and old at the same table. They saw some things through our eyes, and we through theirs.

On the Let's Get Lei'd Cruise we met a bunch of Cruise Mates from the board here, and what a delight that was! Lifetime friendships were formed, and I wouldn't have given up that cruise for anything!

As just an interesting aside, we have been to all-inclusive resorts 3 times, the most recent being last month at El Cozumeleņo Beach Resort in Cozumel, Mexico. The difference between the resorts and cruises is amazing in the friendship-forming aspect. Even though we met interesting people at all 3 resorts, the connection which fires the drive to remain in contact in the future just isn't forged the way it is among cruisers. We cruisers are a special breed, a breed apart, I guess! !

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