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Default Re: Re: Looking for a "Robert" Conquest review pos

There you are... Sorry I am kinda new to the posting part of this site, but have been reading post for a couple of months... I got under the ship reviews and just got scared because our group is driving there from Central Texas and I didnt want any wrinkles in the plan... hee hee
Thanks so much for the understanding, now I know it was only temp. for Conquest...
I havent been to New Orleans Gulf Port.. and wasnt sure what to expect for our group...
One the ship reviews post it show your addy as so when I tried to e-mail you from that posting it said no longer a member...
Glad you answered, and I love this site!!!!

P.S. if I hit reply to the e-mail sent in my mailbox (telling me you answered me back on the board and what you said) will it post my reply to the board all on it's own or does it only post to the board when I hit (reply to the mess.) on the board?
Thanks again, I am straight now,
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