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Default Re: Want to know abount "Pan American Cruise Corporatio

Hello to all!

First of all, I just would like to share to you what I found out about Pan American Cruise Corp's recruitment efforts: " IT'S A SCAM! " That's what I found out about it when I visited the Better Business Bureau for Los Angeles's website (that covers Beverlyhills area,.... thanks to mbuckllew for suggesting it) I found very little information about the company so I sent them a question via email about the legality of it as my cousin friom the Philippines is interested to apply to them with a fee of $39. Below is the reply from Bill Mitchell of BBB:

This is a scam. Your cousin won't get a job and he won't get his money back.

William G. Mitchell
BBB of the Southland, Inc.


I hope none of you guys had already been victimized by this scam.

Hartford, CT
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