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Default Re: No money, no time!

Thomas, do you ever get the feeling that we may be winning a few piddling skirmishes but the war is slippimg away from us rapidly? We were developing a workable plan for our self gratification (the cruising kind), and now the uninvited sisterhood is trying to take over the controls. We'll simply have to come up with a better way to get you cruising while avoided the interim downfall of your dining enterprise. As it stands, you continue to slave away in the kitchen amd I get the KP assignment. In the meantime, several ladies of dubious reputation cruise off into the sunset with your profits. We can do better than that! Stay tuned. <S>

Think seriously of joining us next year for our Scandinavian/German/Russian cruise on the Dream. We have four and possibly six people already, and you two would be a most welcome addition. Really!


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