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Default Car Woes

Well I think I did it now, I've never owned a used car in my life, but two months ago I bought one. It's a 97 Town and County LXI Van. I must say it very, very nice. Since I've gotten hooked on cruising I knew that I could'nt afford a new car with a $600/$700 price tag. But I still wanted the leather seats, CD player etc., etc., my last car I bought in 1993 and never had a problem with it. This car came with an two year extended warranty which was their selling point. Well my window/door motor went out last week and it cost me $370.18, seems my warranty does not cover "electrical" this is bogus, 90% of the car is electrical, furthermore I've only had the car for two months. Now my window wipers are not working. Any suggestions? I've written the dealership and Tom Martino (The troubleshooter), but no one is responding.

I can't keep putting money in my car, I've got a cruise coming up next month.
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