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Default Re: Car Woes

Living in Germany means cars are a BIG topic. An ever bigger topic if you get a bunch of men together who have been forbidden to talk about work. Talking about car repairs leaves them all with high blood pressure and this <> close to a heart attack.

Id go over that warrenty with a fine tooth comb and have it checked out. Here we can have a car checked out by ADAC (similar to AAA.) If hidden problems crop up, then back to the dealer Id go.

Dh loves fast and unusual cars. Weve had quite a few and each one has meant money being thrown out the window. Having to pay a mortgage and having the luxury of a house finally broke that!

If Im asked here what my favorite car is, then I always say a company car! Dh will be having one with his new position. How nice that will be only to have to take care of one car.

Sue, my FILs girlfriend has a Mini. We all love it. She doesnt drive it much and lets us borrow it everyonce in awhile. Its a fun car and shes had absolutely no problems with it.

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