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Default Good Afternoon!

Just finished washing the truck and vette. Cooking two cakes to take to the Church luncheon tonight. It has been a very busy but productive weekend. Between band, cross country and a car show yesterday, we are beat, but at least we weren't bored!

Met two board members from another board. She posts as "woodywoman". We not only have cruising in common, but she and her husband own a corvette (just like mermaid's). They had a car show in Houston, so we drove up to meet them. I drove home going about 80mph for a few miles, then went to 103 for a little while. Nice open road, no traffic - too much fun!

Now back to Alcatraz (work) tomorrow. I am taking off Columbus day, although it is a regular workday for us. Need to get my second phone line working and the phone people can't get in because of the Great Danes. My fax is on my second line, so I have been faxless for quite a while.

UIL for band coming up very soon, and our local Brazoria County Fair. The band has a booth, so we all take turns running it. Maybe by November I will remember what a empty weekend is like.

C. & J.
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