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Default Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation

I agree with what everyone else had to say. It's the most convenient and cost efficient way to enjoy an almost all-inclusive vacation. Although as a single adult, there are some exceptions that I enjoy, that aren't possible on a cruise. Hiking or biking through the mountains and staying at different bed and breakfast or chalets each evening in- between has an attraction all it's own. And of course, the all-inclusive aspect of unlimited alcoholic beverages at all-inclusive land resorts can offset the cost efficiency of cruises every quickly. I really wouldn't want to eliminate either one, as long as I'm an active individual who enjoys the hands-on approach and the challenge of adventure. I may not be able to push the envelope at mach 3 anymore, but I can still enjoy sailing the 7 seas and climbing where the air is thin. There's also another reason that I love cruising, that's very important to me. You meet a lot more single ladies and that's enough reason in itself. Life is good. Have a good one.
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