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Default Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation

I agree with all of the above-mentioned comments. Once I started cruising over 25 years ago, I rarely take a land vacation. We now take our kids and grandkids with us when we can. A year ago, my grandkids wanted to go to Orlando for a week. It was my daughter, her three girls, my husband and myself. We stayed at a very nice hotel, the Hard Rock, in Orlando. At the end of the week, I told my daughter that we all could have gone on a week-long cruise for what that week cost me; ie., airfare, hotel, three meals a day for six people; the cost of the amusement park, renting a car, etc. It was way more expensive than a 7 day cruise. Once in awhile I'll get talked into a land vacation, but cruising is always my first choice. People I work with think I'm rich but when I compare their land vacations to a cruise, they just can't believe the amount of money they spend, compared to what I spend for a cruise. I love everything about a cruise, except for the airport and flight. We did two cruises this year and have an Alaskan cruise booked for next summer.
Happy Crusing.....Anita
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