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Default Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation

I'll add my two cents or maybe more here! I totally agree with Petoskey, traveling as a single woman, you cannot beat a cruise, which is why I took my first one in 1982! I like cruising with a friend but that doesn't always work out and I refuse to sit home because I can't find someone to go with me!

On a cruise, you don't have the issue of a single woman traveling alone, you can be by yourself or with people! I've cruised single more times than not and only one cruise did I not really meet people other than the group I was with and which was very strange.
On almost all my cruises, I've found people to go ashore, do things with onboard, and I've always had great tables at dinner!

I like seeing places that I can't get to by ship but I can't spend too many days by myself in a strange place, eating meals alne, sightseeing by yourself, gets old after awhile.
I don't mind being alone but it can start to bug me if I'm doing everything by myself in a strange city or place.

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