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Default Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation

The ocean! My hubby and I have both been in love with the ocean since we were tiny and loved the water. For our honeymoon my hubby suggested we go on a BIG boat. That was our first cruise and have been on 15 more since. BUT. We bought an RV last year and have since spent many weekends and longer camping. I have to admit I have more quality time with hubby on land and we thought when we first bought the camper we would stop cruising. Well we have been on 2 cruises since and although they are generally once a year now instead of twice a year the ocean still calls...

We are trying a houseboat in a few weeks with friends but we know that it won't be enough as it is not on the ocean.

So our main reason we have finally figured out is that the ocean is calling... Debbie
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