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Default Special Cabins (Poll)

I think it would be fun to share little secrets about certain cabins on certain ships that are perhaps larger than normal or have extra large balconies. Here are two to start the list:

I love the cabin L500 on the Veendam. It has to be one of the largest inside cabins afloat. It's as big or bigger than many suites.

I also love mini suites D732, D733, E728 and E729 on the Golden Grand and the Star Princess ships. These balconies are larger than a lot of patios that people may have on their homes when they are land cruising. We accidentally got one of these as a "guarantee" and we're now booked in E728 on our '04 So. Caribbean cruise on the Golden. It had room for two lounge chairs, four regular chairs and a dining table.

The huge decks don't show up on the maps of these Princess ships but they actually continue and wrap around a portion of the support structure for the fugly disco spoiler way up on top.

Will anybody else share their secret cabin. I promise NOT to tell. ;-)

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