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Default Re: Re: POLL- What's MORE important. Great Food or Great Ser

Shhh, Marc. Thomas does not know that I have been offered the most important assignment of shadow restaurant critic for Jacksonville.

So far as food/service, it's not a tough pick as an admitted foodie. The best service in the world can't compensate for mediocre or just plain awful food. I can count on the fingers of both hands the meals I've had on cruise ships that I would consider anywhere near "great."

Some people do LOVE the service aspect. And great service is a treat. But talented and attentive servers should not be required to present lousy food.

Me, I'd rather "dish up" for myself if the food is exquisite or, even, darned good.

For a long time, I warned folks off Celebrity's "first night veal." After a lot of people said, "What are you talking about? It was wonderful!" I ordered it again, TWICE, both on Connie and Mercury when we did back-to-backs. It was just as bad (if not worse) than I remembered. And I sent it back, both times.

So, I just don't expect great food on cruise ships. And, while the waitstaff is usually more than competent, I don't expect what I would call great service, either.
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