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Default Re: Rise and shine!

Rise and shine? I haven't been to bed yet! lol

Good morning Karen! I did a really stupid thing before I left for work this afternoon - I changed the clocks in the kitchen....but I moved them forward an hour! When I got to work I realized what did and had to set them back two hours when I got home! lol Talk about being distracted! Guess I got the cruise on my brain!

Finished my last shift at work before leaving Monday morning for FLL - I cannot believe it is here. Today will be the final check of the luggage and carryon, repack the purse, check the docs, check in for my flight on line, and really just relax!

Karen - I hope Goofy is doing better today. It is amazing the love and devotion we have to our animal companions. Gusto sends his best wishes to Goofy.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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