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Default Re: Rise and shine!

Happy Sunday Karen, Lisa, Anne, Phyll and CruiseMates everywhere...

The chain of female posters is now broken!<S> Karen, I didn't know that the Germans go to daylight-saving time like in the States. Live & learn. We hope that your Goofy hangs in there, yet doesn't suffer too much.

Lisa, don't feel bad about your boo-boo with the clocks. I'm sure you're not alone. Two of our clocks require that in order to turn them back an hour, we actually have to turn them ahead 6 days and 23 hours! Like they say, there's just no turning back.<BG>

I hope you all have a good day, especially you poor Yankee fans whose mourning period has just begun. Like the Red Sox fans always say, "Wait till next year".


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