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Default Rise and Shine! Mornin´ All!

How´s everyone doing this morning? I hope well!

It got busy over here. Friends were vacationing not to far from here and decided to stop by Thurs. They ended up staying until yesterday afternoon! It was fun to catch up.

Goofy really is getting better. The vet put her on meds for epilepsy on Wed. and that has done wonders. Unfortunately though they have one side effect. Her coordination is the pits. She looks like she´s had one too many beers. As one kid said, "Goofy´s funny to watch now!" We tried giving her less but the attacks came back. We´ll see what the vet has to say about that tomorrow.

Stores are open today so we´ve decided to take advantage of that. It will be good to get out for a couple of hours. Maybe I´ll even to get a few Christmas presents. That would be a relief!

Have a good one!

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