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Default Re: Rise and Shine! Mornin´ All!

Good Morning Everyone!

Weather they predicted earlier this week didn't hold for us either, ML!!! Looking at the map, there's rain stacked up beyond Nebraska, lovely! At least the warmer temps held out!

Got the last of the yard work done yesterday, mowed way more than my share trying to run the gas out of the mower! My neighbors were watching and giving their advice! :-)
Also tried to pick up all those little Locust leaves, I think I'd rather go back to the yard where I had all those Maple trees and was knee deep in real leaves - NOT!!!

Today will be a lazy day, may not even leave the house! Pay day isn't until tomorrow so don't really have any money to spend! A once a month, reduced pay check is a very humbling experience! Interesting that I've learned to budget money at 56! Tomorrow I finish up at Manpower with a class and tests so hopefully I'll find something to do (with pay)!

Have a great day!

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