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Default Re: Rise and Shine! Mornin┤ All!

Good Sunday Morning from Arizona.

We have gone from 20 degrees above average just over a week ago to below average this week! Our highs the last couple of days have been in the 70's! WOW! We don't even know how to behave in this weather! And they say that next weekend we might not get out of the 60's! But we're not complaining, because this front is the same one that brought rain and snow to the fires of California, and we're very happy to see that.

In a little while I leave to take JosÚ to the airport. He is going to Costa Rica to visit the kids and grandkids. Since his work would only give him one week off, I elected to stay home so that he could devote himself 100% to his family and not have to worry about my comfort or happiness. He needs some time alone with them so that they can make up for all the time they spend apart.

It's kind of ironic that JosÚ is leaving now for vacation, since this is the same time frame that we had to cancel our Panama Canal cruise. The Carnival Spirit left San Diego yesterday --- without us! However, his boss said that they just couldn't spare him for more than two weeks right when they're going into the busy part of the year, when all the snowbirds begin to show up again. But we will do this cruise, reverse itinerary, on 3/30/04. I can't wait!

Have a great day, Cruise Mates!

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