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Default Re: How much spending money will we need to bring?

If you are not drinkers, you are right you will spend considerably less. Carnival does charge for soda pop on the ship.If you want to save even more money you could bring a case of soda pop on board the ship in your checked luggage. Have your room stuard make sure you always have ice and clean glasses on hand and drink your pop out of a glass with ice to keep it cold as Carnival does not have refrigerators in the rooms. If you want to buy any of the great photos the Carnival staff will be taking of your family (most of them are 8x10) they cost $19.99. Some of the photos are small (aprox. 4x6) and are about $6.00. Shore excursions are very expensive. Some are very worth the money, others are not. If you have a fax machiene you could call Carnival and have them fax you a list of all the shore excursions for your particular cruise. That way you will be prepared of how much that stuff will cost. As you probably already know casino games and spa treatments are extra. Then there are also any souveniers you may want to buy. Also the last evening is the time to give all the people who have made your vacation so wonderful their tips. The standard tip amounts are in the Carnival brochure. If you are uncomfortable bringing large amounts of cash on board, you can use credit cards for Almost everything. I would suggest bringing cash for tip night. Hope this helps. Happy sailing! Libby
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