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Default Re: Joke for Thomas and Kuki

And if the background check turns up anything, keep him him in a nice, dry cell.

Another joke for Kuki and Thomas:

Three pieces of rope are lying on a sidewalk on a hot summer day. They look exactly alike. One rope says to the other two, "I sure could use a drink. I'm going into that bar to have a beer."

"Sounds like a good idea, the other two agree. If they serve you, we'll come in and join you."

So the first rope goes into the bar, and jumps onto a barstool.
The bar tender lokks at him and says, "Get out! We don't serve your kind in here!"

So the first rope rejoins his buddies outside, looking dejected.

The second rope says, "You rank amateur! I'll show you how it's done."
No sooner that he disappears through the door than he comes flying out, the barkeep having thrown him.

The third rope says, "Watch this--you'll learn something." He ties himself into a loop, and picks away at some his strands. And then he enters the bar, finds a stool and sits at the bar. "Can I help you?" the bartender asks.
"Yes, I'd like a nice draft beer." The bartender fills a glass and turns to serve it to the rope. At the last minute he says, "Didn't I just throw you out of here--twice?"

The rope says, "Me? Thrown out? I'm a frayed knot!"

End of joke. Groan here.

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