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Default Re: Have you been decorating for Christmas?

My opinion only: everyone starts too darn early!
I hate going into stores in beginning of November and seeing xmas decorations and sale makes me sick!

I like the old days when I was younger (I am 53) when everyone started decorating and preparing for xmas like two weeks before, to me it made it special... but now it just drives me crazy the way everyone has to start too darn early, it almost seems to be me be a contest to see who can have their house decorated first!

Lets get thru Thanksgiving first...then on to the next holiday.
There are countrys in Europe where you can not decorate any sooner then 2 weeks before xmas...wish it was same here.

I am glad I do not have little kids to deal with and try to settle down to the fact that xmas is a month away...they got to be driven crazy with anticipation with it all starting so early.

Hmmm I think I might get out my Valentine decorations to get a jump on things.

Mary Margaret
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