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Default Re: Have you been decorating for Christmas?

We decorated earlier than usual. My kids are not allowed to help decorate at their stepmoms house, so they have been bugging me to get moving. I let them do 90% of it. We always decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year we are early.
I don't like waiting till two weeks before Christmas. Seems like so much work just to look at it for about 4 weeks, then tear it all down. I prefer seeing it all through December. It comes down just after New Year. Usually the first weekend following.
Since we will be in New Hope Mississippi with Dad and Kathy, it will probably be up one week longer.

I see nothing wrong with decorating early if it helps get you in the spirit. Seeing it in the stores before Halloween? Now THAT bothers me. Everything I decorate with, it stuff that is in the attic from the previous year. It has been very difficult for the past few years.
Either people are falling off the face of the earth and disappearing, or they are moving, or dying. Our family is spreading apart farther and farther. Next year, Michael will not be with us because he will be in tech school for the military. With any luck, he might get home.

Decorating early was sort of a healing experience. Kind of depressing but it DID make the kids happy, so................

C. & J.
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