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Default Re: Have you been decorating for Christmas?

I'm like Mike, Sylvia filled the garage with tons of outdoor stuff. Her reasoning is that because of the cats and dogs no way can we put up the regular tree inside as they would destroy it before we could even get it up sooooo.....the outside of the house also must light up the neighborhood. Over the weekend I put a lighted Santa and sleigh and reindeer on the roof with a runway of chasing rope lights. Draping lights all around the edge of the roof. Lanterns beside the doorway, the walkway is lined with multicoloured lights, A lighted tree in the front yard with lighted animated angels around it, four very large animated lighted reindeer grazing in the front yard, a lighted tree on the rear deck which is also wrapped in lights, a lighted American flag, (it ain't Christmas but I honor my country <G>), and candles in all the front facing windows. Today I am supposed to drape the trees and decorate the garage with lights etc. and closer to Christmas the entire neighborhood is supposed to place lighted candles in white bags all down the curbs. Florida Power and Electric is going to love me this year.

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