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Default Re: Rise and is Sunday!

Good Morning Everyone!

Sorry to hear that turkey doesn't agree with you, Sue! It isn't high on my list but I do eat it. I have issue with my sense of smell and being indoors with a roasting turkey. :-)

It isn't just turkey, if I'm around an odor long peiods of time, days later no matter where I am, I still smell the same odor. Whether it be a turkey roasting, leaves burning, a wood fire, exhaust fumes, whatever.

Seems strange but an awful experience, you can't get the odor out of your head, takes days to go away. I usually use Vics or something to over power it. My family thinks I'm making it up, they don't understand.

Enjoy the game Thomas, sounds fun and ML great that you won't have the Sunday night blues! I'm already going into my 4th week on the new job and I still like it! :-)

Looks to be a great day here in NE Illinois, think I'll go for an early morning walk!

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