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Default Re: Rise and is Sunday!

Sue, you're certainly up early today! Too bad about the turkey, maybe the cause is Tryptopan, the gas formed by roasting a turkey. Have you seen that commercial? Apparently the cure for Tryptopan is a TriptotheCaribbean, a TriptoAlaska, or a TriptoEurope (all fo course, on a cruise with Royal Caribbean!!) It's a great commercial!
While the rest of you rest and watch football today, my weekend soldiers on... taking the daughter to a medical clinic today and demanding antibiotics, she has been sick for too long. Then we have to shop and fill her brand new empty pantry, and hit the Dollar Stores for a few other apartment essentials. I'm going back to work tomorrow for a rest!

P,S. "It's a freezing 40 degrees here in Florida..." I wish! THAT would be a heatwave here, where we are suffering the first attack of minus degrees and wind chill after a first major snowfall... ahhh, Winter!


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