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Default Re: Freedom.........freeeeedom. Only one more week of freedo

Thanks guys... haven't been online all weekend, obviously very busy!

I'm holding up well. I carry my to-do list everywhere I go, and slowly all the lines are getting crossed out. Things are coming together.

We spent a lot of time this weekend talking about the cruise, rather than the wedding... I'm excited about both! I think Mark is more excited about the cruise. He is going out today to buy new dress pants and a blazer for the informal nights.

It also seems to me like it was just yesterday the clock was in the hundreds and I thought the wedding would never get here! Now here we are!

Steve - only one Bridezilla moment so far - we went to meet with the priest, who is about 80, for the last time before the wedding a few weeks ago. He had no idea who we were, no record of the appointment we made, and couldn't find our file. Well, he met with us anyway. I have a gorgeous spaghetti-strap dress and he told me I will need to cover my shoulders "to show respect." WTF??? I went home and cried after hearing that! Totally NOT what I pictured for my wedding. My mom and I bought me a wrap but I am seriously considering "forgetting" to wear it during the ceremony. After all, he forgot about our appointment! He's probably forgotten he even said that about the dress by now!

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