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Default Re: Lots & lots of questions

Welcome onboard Debbie. Heck, for half that priuce I'll find you a great cruise in a grat cabin and even go with you to show you around! <> Seriously, it really will not cost you anywhere near that amount and you can still have a wonderful time on a great ship, itinary, and cabin. CCL has many very good ships but you may also wish to check out RCI, NCL, Princess, Disney, etc. etc and see if any of those lines strikes your fancy as well. Check out the various areas of this website for ships reviews both the professional reviewer and the average cruisers reviews. Great insight in choosing what fits you best. Everyone seems to have their own preferances and that is a wonderful thing and the reason why there are choices. All lines, ships, etc seem to do something just a little bit better than the other lines, ships. You can also check out the advertising area on this website and find excellant travel agents that have good reputations.

24 cruises and counting!
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