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Default Re: Sammy Updated

Well Sammy is now at "the tutor"<G>

He's just over 5 months old, and weighing in at 35 lbs... and very muscular. His vet says he is "built". Funny, I say the same thing about Mrs. Kuki, so it must run in the family.

Donna.. yup, he has a great personality. Very active and lots of life to him. He's better than a young child... when I say bed time he goes right into his kennel and lays down.

His oddest quirk is if I'm sitting in "my chair" with my legs crossed, he'll come down and drop his rear right on my foot, so I'll kick him. I kick him lightly and he goes tearing around the house like he's been shot out of a cannon, then eventually come right back and sits down on my foot again to repeat.

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