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It's not so much what we forgot but what we lost and were lucky enough to find.......
My husband and I were flying to Miami for our Millineium cruise and on the airplane he was wearing a sweater with front pockets in it. He said, this is a great sweather with these pockets, I can put anything in there and not lose it. I told him it looked very dangerous to me as it was open on both sides, but he didn't listen to me and put his billfold in it. When we got to our connecting flight, they told us we should get off and walk around as there was a wait to leave again but it would be the same plane. We were walking around and when my husband went to buy something out of one of the shops, he said he didn't have his billfold. I about went unglued. We traced our steps back to the plane and a young man had his billfold in his hands, handing it over to the flight attendant. He found it laying in our seats. She verified it belonged to my husband by his picture and we bought the young man a drink. He didn't want a reward. Without that we would have had to cancel our Millineium cruise (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and would have had to figure a way back home without any I.D, for him. From that day forward, I carry his wallet in my purse with me. I've never lost anything and I carry all the important papers, etc. He's never worn that sweater again. We were very lucky........
Happy Cruising.....
PS One time also, he packed his wallet in his suitcase when we were flying home from Las Vegas (before 9/11) and we were lucky they took a picture of his together for ID and let him board the plane.
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