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Default An American in Brazil

I just read on where an American Airlines crew was detain because they have implemented the same new security policy we now have for foreigners entering the country. It was reported that he gave a universally known hand gesture (involving one finger) as he was being photographed and that the rest of the crew became angry and defiant.

My question is - Why should we expect not for other countries to follow suit? Why do some Americans feel we should be exempt?

I would expect most countries to implement the same procedures - it is just the day and age that we live in and if it is a way to fight terrorism - in any country and against anyone - then more power to the governments for setting up the ID program.

Just my thought for the day - I only have one and this is it....


It was stated in the article that Brazil implemented the plan in retaliation of ours - even still, they are reaping any benefits that may come from it.

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