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I'm sorry to hear that you are not looking forward to our March 20th cruise. Makes me sad to think that a nice, young and lucky lady would have such a negative attitude towards the priviledge of being pampered on a cruise ship.

My daughter will turn 11 on this cruise. This will be her 6th cruise with 3 of them on Carnival. From the moment we step off of the ship--she bugs me wanting to get back on.

But, Victoria, my daughter is a very happy child, who realizes how lucky she is to have these experiences at such a young age. And, I am very proud that I can take her on board a beautiful cruise ship--and have faith that she'll know how to interact with other passengers and other children on board.

So, honey, please do us all a favor. When you sit there and sulk please don't get in our way. I'd sure hate to trip over you.

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